Our restaurant combines a traditional Slovak wine cellar built 300 years ago with a Japanese cyprus, tatami and a Japanese garden to express friendship between Japan and Slovakia.

When it comes to food, it's not just ordinary 鮓 (sushi that is just rice with fish on top, but our 鮨 (sushi) expresses seasons with seasonal ingredients and Edomae's skills that bring the best and tastiest of raw materials used.

our chefs

Kazune Takeuchi


Graduated from most famous Japanese culinary school.
Since then, I have built my career in Michelin-starred restaurant, hotel, and on. By using various skills and experiences from my career, I established Edomae Sushi Matsuki. Exploring approach method for cooking by scientific view and with a variety of culinary skills, I conveys the depth of Japanese cuisine to Europeans.

Yuya Fujita


Graduated from most famous Japanese culinary school.
Since then, worked in hotel to restaurant where he experienced and obtained wide range of cooking technologies in the area of Chinese, French, and Japanese cuisine.
After that, he became independent and worked as owner chef for 8years.
Many of his cooking focuses on bringing out the best of ingredients by using different techniques which enchanted many of his guests.
In Matsuki, he is in charge of appetizers and dish of the day.

Tasting Menu


3 seasonal appetizers
Dish of the day
Nigiri 11 pieces (contents change depending on stock)
Soup of the day


We go shopping fresh fish every day. If you do not make a reservation at least a day in advance, we will not be able to prepare fresh fish for you. Once you have booked in advance, we will have enough time to collect the ingredients before you arrive.
Thank you very much for your understanding.



Ventúrska 18
Bratislava, Slovakia
Tel .: +421 948 917 097
E-mail: info@edomae-matsuki.sk